Polio has a massive effect on people who are infected with the illness. Polio effects you physically, such as paralysis, so it makes it harder for them to participate in physical activity. Kids or young adults who have polio and have unfortunately been paralyzed, can get bullied for not being "normal". This is sad because kids or young adults with polio can also have several other disabilities caused by glitches in the nervous system. The nervous system is greatly affected by polio, and the nervous system controls everything. Also, some kids or young adults, or even adults can become paralyzed in their face, which can cause them to have speach problems which makes it harder to interact socially. Another problem is the contagiousness of polio. Polio is contagious and it is also easily transmitted, and can cause some people to avoid those who are infected because they fear catching polio.
There are 3 types of polio:
* Non-paralytic { does not lead to paralysis}
* Spinal-Paralytic { can lead to paralysis of one or more body part
* Bulbar { can result in dysfunction of swallowing mechanism, respiratory embartassments or circulatory distress

Fun facts!
*In 95% of cases there are no symptoms
*1 in 200 infections lead to irreversible paralysis
*there are 4 vaccines available to recent polio
1. Be friendly towards people with polio: it's hard to really understand what kids with polio go through socially but we know that it's hard for them to make friends, and even the smallest "hello" can make a difference.

2. Be sure to keep clear of touching or eating after someone with polio: though it is important to show a great deal of friendship towards people with polio, keep a reasonable distance so that you don't catch it yourself.

3. Get treated for polio: we've learned that polio affects the people who have not been vaccinated, so it is important to get either of the two vaccinations to prevent from getting polio, or if you would prefer to get polio drops we  have learned that is an option as well.
polio is a disease that does not have a cure but it does have vaccines. there are only two types of vaccines one is polio virus creates by Jonas Salk in 1955 and the other is attenuated polio virus developed by Albert Sabin in 1962. there are also another way to prevent yourself from getting polio its called polio drops you can get them at a very young age or even at birth.
Polio has a large impact on people and is a very
harmful disease. Some famous people who had polio were F.D. Roosevelt (the
32nd president of the
United States), Kerry Packer (the wealthiest Australian man of his time), Jack
Nicklaus (an excellent golfer), and many more people who all shared the same
thing in common: they lived around the time of the first half of the
20th century. In fact
polio was most active in that time period because the vaccination for it was not
made until 1955 by Jonas Salk. 
In 1952 the United States reported three thousand
deaths caused by polio. Therefore, the people who are affected by this disease
were the people who lived around 1900-1955. But people can still get it

The most common way to get Polio is through someone who already
has it, as it is a highly contagious disease. Once someone is contaminated with
the polio virus, it can easily spread from person to person. Eating, drinking,
or even touching something that has been near a contaminated person will give
the polio virus an easy opportunity to infect its next victim.